Injectable Enhancements and Anti wrinkle injections

My name is Dr Brinthan Kathirgama Kanthan. I am originally from the UK but trained in Australia.

I qualified with a double honors degree in medicine and surgery as well as medical science.
I am fully Qualified Practitioner and work on the Sunshine Coast. I gained my fellowship form the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

My main interest is now in cosmetic medicine and have attended the Australasian College of Cosmetic surgery in Sydney.
I am amazed at the results that be achieved with
Injectable Enhancements and Anti wrinkle injections and looking forward to helping you on your journey to looking and feeling great about yourself in life.


They used to reduce lines and wrinkles that form in the upper face. Injectable enhancement treatments are a natural, purified protein that relaxes wrinkle causing muscle, creating a refreshed look. It is a prescription only medicine and are only available from qualified medical professionals.

It is a Muscle Relaxant & Anti-Wrinkle Treatment and it works by relaxing the facial muscles that cause dynamic lines when you smile or frown.... it gradually smoothes out current lines and reduces new lines forming.

How does the treatment work?
Muscle relaxant & anti-wrinkle treatments are used to relax specific facial muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles (these are wrinkles that are formed during facial expression). Once the muscles are relaxed, you cannot contract them and continue to make undesirable facial expressions. As a result, the lines gradually smooth.

What does the Muscle Relaxant & Anti-Wrinkle Treatment involve?
Treatments are quick and simple, non-surgical procedures. During the treatment a small amount  is injected into specific facial muscles using very fine needle.Generally this treatment takes around 10 minutes.

When will I see results and how long will they last?
You will start to see results within 2 days of the treatment and it takes about seven days for the full effects to be visible.
The effects of a treatment usually last up to four months and gradually decrease over time. If you have regular treatments the effects may last longer.

How do I maintain my Muscle Relaxant & Anti-Wrinkle Treatment ?
Regular treatments may help improve the longevity of the treatments effects. In addition regular treatment may help reduce static wrinkles ( these are wrinkles when your face is at rest.)

I will discuss your treatment plan in our consultation together.

I am available at Hair Collections on Mondays and Wednesdays
Please make bookings through Maria and Julie
on 54492922

Consultations are complimentary by Dr Brinth Kathirgama Kanthan
Costs: $15.00 per unit.
The costs are variable depending on individual needs but I am able to inform you how many units will be required and the cost. You are then able to procede with your treatment after your no obligation consultation if you so desire.