Hair Design

The You Factor
At Hair Collections, we will make you look and feel great about yourself and its our goal and view that it starts with a great Hair Design and colur which gives you more confidence and frees up your fast paced life.

The consultation
Let us take you through our consultation to really think about whether a certain hair style is right for you before taking the plunge.

We will suggest possible changes and let you know what will definitely suit you, your hair texture and face shape.

Our stylists will discuss the Style you really want. Look at magazines with our stylists for ideas and about the end design you want to achieve.

Your hairstyle should match your personality and life style.

Straightening Systems

Keratin Complex smoothing therapy

This is a revolution in hair straightening and conditioning.
This system infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle eliminating upto 90% fizz and curl.
Results are amazing and last between 3-5 months depending on the hair type.

Can be used on BLEACHED and platinum BLONDE hair!

The hair is smoother, shiny, silkier, straighter and frizz free and humidity resistant. It helps to promote keratin protein healing  and blocks the effects of humidity and prevents environmental toxins from entering the hair.

$120 p/hr

Brazilian Keratin straightening System

The Brazilian Keratin Straightening System is an all natural product made in Brazil with NO Formaldehyde and NO harsh chemicals and is derirved on Sugar cane. Results are amazing and last between 3-5 months depending on the hair type.

This straightening system is not suitable for bleached or platium blondes.

$120 p/hr

The minute you leave the salon you can wash your hair, wear a pony tail and it will be straighter, smooth, frizz free and extremely radiant.

"When it comes to getting the perfect hair Design or Fashion Colour, it's all about communicating with your hairstylist.
Expressing what you want and don't want is crucial to getting the Designer Style that's right for you."